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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, well, well.

As you can probably see from the lack of updates, I've grown bored with reviewing music. So from now on i'll just ocassionally pop in to throw up some links to netlabel tracks i'm digging at the moment.

Starting wiiith -+/*
The Sunshine Family - The Love Of
the way
... and this she did say

KiNK - (random tracks from internet)
daddy acid
a kinky groove
mr. ripptertone - coolbass (KiNK mix)

damn, those are really sweet.
dupont - simpleton

rohformat / schleudertrauma .. still the best music in this style ever made.
scaff - knobs and jacks
papergoose isn't real - v.a. comp
fredo - the turn (a pagan lament)
man this guys stuff is wildy cool, great voice.
loscil - stases
faint liquid
this is one of those nice mellow ambient release you can put on an infinite loop. gorgeous and absorbing.

ochre - random track from the net
zelda rmx
awww .. what a cute zelda remix. I love it.
ernesto aeroflot - strogoly - everything within
odour is poison
shaky hands
this stuff doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should, really solid cool eclectic tunes.
madstyle - fine sounding seasons
basal control
morphing structure
seasons sounding fine.

wisp - archive
man, i'm not going to bother listing every track here, because you really should download every track listed. go to the right, select all them yummy zip's, download the shit, stick on some headphones, yeah yeah yeah, you won't be sorry you did.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yogi Rulez - Contemporary Art from the Black Market (language lab)

Firstly, let me say how great it is to see the classic 'language lab' netlabel, home to so many of the scenes freshest and funkiest tracked pursuits, back in action. With their latest 'Contemporary Art from the Black Market' from the artist 'Yogi Rulez' we see there has been no lapse in quality. I knew from the first few beats I was in for something special, and as I listened to the effort unwind I was blown away. Tight crisp well produced trip-hop with enough groove to light up all your cold winter hearts. A definite don't miss!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

(val)liam - early reflections (dewtone)

The (relatively) new kid on the block Dewtone drops nine tracks of lush electro-acoustic soundscapes in the form of the 'Early Reflections' ep from a young Canadian new? artist named (val)liam. Perfect soundtrack for bedtime, or taking in the sunrise with a cup of tea. Brings to mind artists like FSOL, Global Communication, or the better moments of Vangelis. Prepare to be floored by the beauty.

Off the Sky - Caustic Light (autoplate)

Want to escape tangible reality for a half hour? Why not throw on a set of headphones and load up Jason Corder's (aka Zen Savauge, Color by Numbers, Off the Sky, etc.) newest masterpeice 'Caustic Light'. This ep's worth of gorgeous flowing ambience has been putting me to sleep and guiding me through my dreams every night since it's release. If we could some how pipe this music thoughout the universe into every available earhole (or hearing apparatus) there would be some great peace. Perfection.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Oxygenfad - Direction (postunder)

Holy breakbeats batman! This is some of the best brokenbeat extreme idm i've run across in recent memory. These tracks are all supreme. This is what would happen if you mashed a gameboy musician and squarepusher together. Thanks to the postunder label and oxygenfad for making this music available as a download. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Electronvc - Aebinstuutgart EP (acedia)

I was first turned onto Electronvc's music through an Acedia compilation. His music would definately fit into the idm niche, but there is something special hidden in the core of the music presented here. Even though this Ep rounds off at a mere 7 minutes and 14 seconds it is still a whole and satisfying electronic experience. Well executed beat work and giddy bubble melodies bring this experience to life.Only the last (and shortest) track starts to explore a little to far into the forest of 'experimentation'. The first three tracks are superb examples of idm that doesn't take itself to seriously. Fun listen from an artist I look forward to hearing more from. Check it out @ acedia!

Marko F├╝rstenberg - Classics (thinner)

Marko has always been my favorite from the talented roster of artists assosiated with thinner. His music always seems to have every detal in the right place. Every sound carefully chosen, each twist of the filters, and each breakdown of the simple complexity of the programming all seems to be one thing, perfect. Again, I'm blown away by his mastery on 'Classics', a sweet little 4 tracker of mellow/unmellow dubby techno. This is the kind of thumping techno that could fill the floors all night, or put you to sleep at night all in one breath. While your over @ thinner, check out all his other great releases there too!

Bo Marley - Bauhelm (jahtari)

Sweeeeeeeeet! This is some pure chillage and easily my favorite release from the dub bleep label Jahtari. Which in itself is saying alot because I've loved every release so far. The wiggly dub beats and excellent vocal work melt into a smoked out, mind expanding, head bobbing musical experience. More like this please, and thanks for the awesome tunes!

Koordinate of Wonders - EP (please do something)

The short lived, but none the less highly productive netlabel 'please do something' was/is home to quite a few of the gems of our beautiful little netlabel scene. Luckily these releases are still available to the general listening public through the archive's netlabel section, so classics like the Belarussian duo KoW's wonderful EP can still be enjoyed.
The six tracks presented on this ep are all complex synthetic idm that all feature nice builds and take you on an emotional journey into the living sounds. The sound of KoW, made up of Trimute-Ti (Drums, Keyboard, Programming) and An2one (Keyboard, Programming), brings to mind artists like Autechre. So set your Koordiantes to this wonder of magical electronics..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Izmar - Concious ep (Monotonik)

Izmar has already released a couple of ep worth of his funky original style of tracks on Mono211, the more downtempo/breaks sublabel of Monotonik which has been for the most part silent for the past few years. This time he drops a sweet ep of clever trip-hop on big daddy Monotonik. While i've always enjoyed Izmar's releases, this one is by far the tightest, and most accomplished work i've heard from the dutch downtempo wizard. Starting with the solid breakbeat excursion 'walking' complete with sitar jam out and funkily sung harmonies. Then, 'Ippeoppe' cuts and pastes the jazzy samples in a stoned scratch filled collage. Completing this sweet 3 tracker is 'weird friend', with more sitar jamming and some challenging odd time signatures. My favorite Izmar effort to date, well worth checking out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Altemark - Collected Distorted Works (N.O.I.S.E)

Released in 1998 on one of the early and no longer active "netlabels/modlabels" n.o.i.s.e ( Altemark's two tracks that make up the amazing 'Collected Distorted Works' ep are a couple of the best hardcore death metal styled IDM noise terror I've ever stumbled across. Behind the resonant filled cacophony of distorted hissing beats, is a insanely twisted genius that pulls you into the chaos and doesn't let go until the last brainshattering drop. To prepare, remove all cats/dogs/animals with "sensitive" ears (this ep just isn't for them.) adjust you stereo's output to low (pheedbakk isn't responsible for any damage to your speakers/equipment/or health) and gradually increase the volume until breakdancing sparkler stars appear in your mind. While your there, be sure to check out the rest of the noise archive for some of the greatest moments in tracked music!